2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix

nico-rosberg-mercedesIn Formula One, predicting the winners is a big part of the sport. In fact, there are so many theories out there that you might start thinking Nico Rosberg has already won the championships after five wins. Have you heard the one about no driver ever losing the championship after five consecutive wins?

There are many more where that came from, but if you really want to enjoy the rest of the races you have to learn from the brief history. Here are some of the lessons the action on the track has offered the Formula One world:

1.      Racing Decision Must be Consultative

A few weeks before the new season, FIA honchos decided to change the qualifying format. There was also the issue of the halo design to protect drivers. The two decisions were negatively received by the people who actually matter; drivers and the paddock. After two races in Australia and Bahrain, the new qualifying format has been ditched after it proved too controversial and unnecessarily complex.

2.      The 2016 F1 Championship is Up for Grabs

When Nico Rosberg wowed F1 with 3 back to back wins at the close of the season, everyone argued that Hamilton had just relaxed after winning the title in Austin, USA. Three races into the 2016 season everyone is now wondering whether Nico could just upset Lewis this year. Vettel is also looking ominous especially with the higher performance car, which is now being touted as close to Mercedes as it can get.

3.      McLaren Woes to Continue

The partnership between Honda and McLaren seems doomed and both Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso are showing their desperation. Well, the stand-in driver for Alonso in Bahrain GP, Stoffel Vandoorn, managed to snatch a point beating team mate and the more experienced Jenson Button. Is it lack of motivation by the two experienced former world championships or is the MP4-31 just awful?

4.      Romain Grosjean Proves his Mettle

When Grosjean decided to join Haas and ignore Renault, everyone in F1 was shocked but it seems he had an idea what the new team could achieve. At the inaugural race at the Australian GP, the Frenchman was at his best bringing home his car at 6th and later 5th in Bahrain. Well, things might not have worked with the car in China GP but it is obvious this is a future champion in the making.

5.      Red Bull upping the Ante

Since the departure of Sebastian Vettel after winning four championship titles, Red Bull has been on a mission to rebuild. There is no denying they have the talent considering their incredible feeder team is Toro Rosso. However, Renault was not providing them with enough power to fight Mercedes, Ferrari and Williams until now. At one time, the team contemplated quitting Formula One but things now seem to be working for them. The team has two amazing drivers in Daniel Ricciardo and Daniil Kvyat and both seem ready to snap William’s position as the third best team in F1.

As the 2016 Formula 1 Grand Prix season continues, there is so much more to learn. This is what makes this one of the most exciting sports to follow.

Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

There is no doubt that the Abu Dhabi GP has grown tremendously in popularity. Despite the fact that F1 stands out as the highly talked about sport in the sporting world, the boisterous success of this event in only five years of inception is remarkable, to say the least. A high inflow of foreigners marks a large chunk of the event. The indigenous crowd is equally not left far behind. One major reason that stands out for this rising popularity is the fact that the races here run day-night. This is something unusual and of course very unique. It triggers a major hype and curiosity. The show’s organizers work really hard to ensure that it is at least spectacular. The high number of spectators surely justifies the efforts.

The Abu Dhabi GP usually brings countless visitors to the Yas Island. This is a man-made miracle of this world. For sure, its magnificent location is indeed perfect for such a gorgeous event like this. You can bet that the racing tracks are undoubtedly state of the art and more than spacious. They bring with them an impressive backdrop of the marina as well as a super-thrilling racing event that plays host to only the supreme talents. Here, spectators enjoy nothing short of the best races in the motorsport world. Actually, the races are the best on the planet. This explains why the tickets get sold out within some minutes after release.

The Abu Dhabi Grand Prix provides an opportunity to watch a huge array of celebrities. These racers grace the occasion and bless everyone with their presence. The fabulous arrangements and superlative infrastructures make the event prestigious. Every F1 driver out there will have to attend this circuit at one point in their life. The Abu Dhabi GP is a clear prove that even racing events are popular across Asia just as they are in the USA or Europe.

Abu Dhabi is capable of effectively arranging and managing a world-class event with the same perfection as other cities in the world. The motorsports event hosted here is not only a sporting event but also one that people get to view as an ideal business opportunity. Numerous individuals from across different corners of the world visit the Yas Island. The networking surely yields countless business deals. The impressive number of visitors is a clear indication that more than half of the crowd emanate from other countries.

Lewis Hamilton’s Win at the Italian Grand Prix Upheld

Image1Taking place on September 6th 2015, the Italian Grand Prix was definitely an event everyone in the world of motor sporting was looking forward to. Among these was Lewis Hamilton who exuded confidence from the very start claiming that he could handle whatever could be thrown at him. This statement prior to the race seemed to have foreseen the turn of events. Two and half hours after the race was flagged off, the Briton was at the finish line, but his win would be disputed by the stewards blaming it on the manufacturers of the car he was driving; Mercedes. He however proved to remain true to his words and remained calm to the very end when the stewards finally declared his win genuine. How did all this unfold?

The pastures begun to seem green at the very beginning of the Italian Grand Prix with Hamilton leading in all practice sessions, all qualifying sessions and was almost assured of the lead in the final race. To add further to his luck was the hardship his chief competitor had to deal with. Nico Rosberg’s engine blew up just two laps from the end helping Hamilton gunner a whopping 53-point lead over him. Rosberg crossed the finish line sixth and later declared it his worst loss in a day. Others could neither match Hamilton’s pace with the front-row starter Kimi Raikkonen falling to the very back of the field. Just behind the reigning world champion came Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel but this was not until 25 seconds later despite having a car with an improved engine like the champion. Felipe Massa came in third 20 seconds after Vettel.

This was Lewis Hamilton’s 40th victory in his career and the seventh this season and it came with its share of difficulties. The most commonly discussed is the new rule that was announced in this edition of the Grand Prix. FIA just decided that it is important to measure the tire pressure on the grid which is required to be below a certain value for both safety and fairness to all in the competition. According to the reports, Hamilton’s and Rosenberg’s car readings were found to be below the minimum limit by 0.3psi and 1.1psi respectively. With such a possible breach that could earn them a disqualification, Mercedes had to do the best possible to ensure their contender got an upper hand. The expected penalty would be a time penalty and to avoid this Hamilton’s race engineer Pete Bonnington told him to speed up with no explanation towards the end. This generated some confusion in the cockpit, but Hamilton obliged stretching his lead to give him the 25-second lead he got over Vettel.

Nothing can be worse than winning a race only for the win to be declared null and void. Though Lewis Hamilton did not seem worried about the verdict, it surely was a tense afternoon before the final announcement. This came at 5:48 p.m when the stewards gave their verdict declaring that all safety measures had been adhered to by Mercedes. The tire pressure had fallen due to tire blankets being off while on the grid. And with that, the winner of the day was crowned with raised hopes of bagging similar trophies in the remaining seven races.